Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are they really serious of fighting terrorism?

3.5 Cr Speedboat breaks down in record time(Read full story here...)

Mumbai is redefining the meaning of fight against terrorism. On the eventual day of 26/11 when the Pakistani terrorists staged an outrageous attack on India's financial capital Mumbai, the city was taken by surprise and eventually many innocent lives were lost. The high human toll and rusty preparedness was mostly attributed to the ill-equipped police force. The Great Indian Think Tank came together to immediately propose and allocate decent(if not huge) sum of funds towards modernizing and equipping the police force. Outcome of all this being setting up an independent task force for Mumbai (and hopefully other metropolitan cities eventually), procuring advanced machinery/tools to thwart future attacks such as these...

This typical knee-jerk reaction resulted in procurement of substandard tools from suppliers. This is evident from the breakdown of one of the two speedboats - Koyna. With this level of commitment and recent chatter of possible new attack getting louder by the day, it is only a matter of time we will be faced with another variant of 26/11!

Unless & until there is a real push to get our acts together, I don't see any reason for the local populous to feel safe with this well equipped police force guarding us.

Hope the commoners are not taken for a ride again!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Indians allowed in India!!!

No Indians allowed..(Read full story here...)

Here is an classic case of an MNC coming into India in order to cash in on the spoils of India's steadily growing economy but seem to have not done their homework enough. Haagen Dazs (HD) is one such example of this kind. They came visiting India to cash in on the local buoyant economy (when the other rest-of-the-world economies are just about limping back to normalcy post their tango with recession). HD in their mad rush to etch an name for themselves have not cared for the local sentiments, which is evident from their misadventure.

This advert. brings back the dark memories of how the East India Company visited India for trade and ultimately went on to rule India. They had signs during their stay in India calling for entry restriction of Indians in most of their social establishments.

I strongly feel that turning an blind eye or ignoring this as a one-off incident is not right. The local administration should take note of this and initiate strict action. At the least, HD should be fined and asked to do some community service related activity. In doing so we should send out an message of India of an self-respecting country which takes importance than in lieu of the financial benefits(if any) arising from the outlet opening of this MNC. This is very much needed so as to set an precedent for other adventurers. We can't let any outsider to exploit or take undue advantage of the situation that exists in India. I agree we have lawlessness compounded by rampant corruption and other social issues to deal with, all of which are attributed to our own callous thinking and the resulting frustrated way of life & living. All said and done, that doesn't warrant/allow any outsider to come in and behave in this rash manner. Though the marketing manager has agreed to their folly and apologized; they shouldn't be let go on the pretext of mere apologetic sound bytes.

Only if the right measures are taken to safeguard our values & culture, while ensuring to gel  well with the other foreign cultures can we forge an fair & fertile platform to facilitate & ultimately sustain an growing economy like ours.

Hope the right lessons are learned from this hiccup and we move forward in the right direction.


Monday, December 21, 2009

London going the Mumbai way!

London warned of 26/11 rerun(Read full story here...)

This blunt and shocking revelation by the Police Dept. speaks a million words. One of those being the helplessness of the law enforcers in tackling or trying to contain the issue of terrorism. Dealing with or eventually trying to curb the Jihadis planing(another) assault on any of the numerous cities world wide is proving to be a humongous challenge for the law enforcers around the world. And why not, this is not one body or mind we are talking about here. This is rather a new wave of generation who are exposed, motivated and finally led to carry out these dastardly acts in the name of religion to achieve the ultimate prize of all - Salvation.

No matter how much soever the law enforcing agencies try to prevent these acts of terror; they are aware that this omnipresent monster to be done with is just wishful thinking - a wish which would never ever see the light of the day!

Its such a sorry state and an irony to note that religion which is epicenter of faith for humans is used as a weapon against humanity!  Hopefully the the religious leaders, law enforcers and people with work out a way to eliminate this malaise which has become one of the biggest threat to human existence and a way of life in certain parts of the world.

Isn't that wishful thinking again!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bangalore city paintings

Amid the chaos that surrounds any (ever) expanding cosmopolitan city, Bangalore too has its lion's share of these, viz. the haphazard Metro work, mindless traffic to name a few. But what makes Bangalore city stand out in a unique way is the decision by the city administration to paint the city walls - literally!

Bangalore city administration has initiated a unique city wall painting task. They have started painting arts(as I like to call them) mostly depicting local well known personalities, places, monuments, etc; thus beautifying the city and elevating the overall look-and-feel. In doing so they are doing away with the boring looking walls and resurrecting these dead to speak.

This is a good way to remind non-locals (as well as locals)  of the beauty surrounding them and refresh the mostly forgotten piece of history in everybody's minds & hearts.

This is a great initiative by the babus other wise known for the inept ways of thinking has shown that if the powers-to-be have the well being of the locals on their mind then the outcome of decisions made by them would surely be something wonderful (as seen with this initiative).

With the govt. taking these kind of initiatives & help from the local populous, I'm sure one day we all can turn around the city's image for the well being & benefit of all.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

No more hamara Bajaj!

Bajaj calls it a day(Read full story here...)

It is finally end of road for Bajaj. OK that was being a bit over-the-top ;). Bajaj recently made an statement effecting the shutdown of their scooter development department. Bajaj has had a smooth ride in the scooter segment and was the market leader in India in the late 80s and early 90s. I'm sure their "Hamara Bajaj" slogan is etched in many of our hearts. This news certainly evokes a bit of surprise and sadness for many, since they(scooters) were(and I'm sure are) associated with those warm and nostalgic growing-up-years memories.

With this decision, Bajaj is now to do away with their scooter venture and focus their energies in being the market leaders in the bike segment.

Looking forward to some good(in terms of mileage & performance) and innovative(like electric or alternate fuel powered vehicles) products from your future lineup.

All the Best Bajaj.

Disclaimer: This article is in no way an marketing/endorsement for Bajaj.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IWAS...not there!!!

Bangalore undone!(Read full story here...)

Paralympics Committee of India(PCI) is hosting IWAS (International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports)  2009 in Bangalore, wherein elite international disabled athletes representing more than 43 countries are converging to participate in this international meet. Being an international meet, the competing athletes are bound to expect(if not good) at least decent level of planning, infrastructure & management.

But being true to their stature, the powers to be (read PCI in tune with their political masterminds) have gone ahead and messed up this entire event. It seems not enough thought process went into the preparation for this sports event. Basic planing like that of infrastructure seems to be out of place! A blatant & shameful pointer of this was evident when the Deputy President of IWAS was unable to get on the VIP dais due to absence of an ramp! Being an event for the disabled(wheelchair bound & amputee), the planners couldn't factor in this simple provision. How dumb could they get!!! This reflects poorly for Indians and is another brickbat for their image globally.

India the very nation which is hauled as one of the economic superpowers of today should be more careful, dedicated & sincere in planning global events like this(and others to come). We don't want to falter at a time when the entire world is watching we? Occasions like these go a long way to project ourselves as a nation which truly want to make a mark(and eventually dominate) the global scene.

With India playing host for Commonwealth Games 2010 (in Delhi), it waits to be seen what lessons we learn from our mistakes.

Come on India, buckle up and prove your mettle. Cheers India!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Taliban eyes Gandhara art!

Gandhara art on Taliban crosshairs(Read full story here...)

Passing through the same cross-road traveled sometime ago...Taliban is endangering the very essence of Buddhist existence - again! The Big Daddy of terrorism(read Taliban) in its infamous homeland - Af-Pak(Afghanistan-Pakistan), happen to exemplify their appreciation for their fanatic ways of Islam by doing away with un-Islamic ideologies. If they have it their way they would like the entire world to implement Sharia law, stop girl education, suppress women rights and banish idol worship to name a few. They've time & again proven their reckless attitude towards any non-Islamic way of life especially in Af-Pak.

Be it the blowing up of centuries old Bamiyan Buddha statue or going after the Gandhara art now. Buddhist(in Af-Pak) were bound to face the heat of the Taliban. Reason being, one Buddhism is unIslamic and two Taxila(is located in Pakistan coupled with the demon named Taliban gaining new inroads locally) where to be targets sooner or later. It was not a question of IF but WHEN? These kind of actions will(and are) alienate not only themselves(Taliban & its allies) but also their other cousins(who believe in moderate facets of Islam).

It is a known fact that Islam like any other faith is not evil; evil are its followers - the likes of Taliban & its supporters(to be precise).

All said and done, unfortunately this time the losers are going to be followers of Buddhism.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Bal Thackeray takes on Sachin Tendulkar!

Bal Thackeray slams Sachin (Read full story here...)

The Thackeray clan are surely etching a name for themselves in the world of politics...all for the wrong reasons of course; having mastered the art of playing to the media & misguiding the local masses(Marathi Manoos) by their ill-logical and senseless fiery speeches/statements.

Here is the original champion(pun intended) of Marathi Manoos - Bal Thackeray, a self-crowned leader (and later accepted by the local Marathi populous...don't know how they were hoodwinked to accept it...but that's another topic all together). The Sena Supremo couldn't take(read digest) a decent comment from an real champion(no pun intended)...or should I say an Indian hero - cricketer Sachin Tendulkar!

Reiterating a well known fact to my readers here, the entire nation knows how good of a person Sachin has(and continues to be)been in real life(both on & off the field). Top that with the very basis of Sachin being an Marathi, who is very well aware of the fact that these politicians(the kinds that Sena & MNS is made of) are in business only to wreck havoc to the very fabric of communal harmony. These champions are known to and interested in stooping low to any level for the sake of vote-bank politics.

Sr. Thackeray(now there are more than one Thackeray in the fray vying for attention in the circus called politics) could only shut up the sensibilities as mentioned by sane people like Tendulkar. These sound bytes(by Sachin) might have been like splinter to the Sena's vision for Marathi Manoos!

For these champions have contributed substantially by:
1) Organizing Bandhs and vandalizing movie theaters (since a movie referred Mumbai as Bombay).
2) Threatening local business owners for not displaying their business names in local language.
3) Bashing up non-Marathi interviewees/examinees appearing for the Railway recruitment program.
4) Destroying gift article shops on events like Valentine's Day & Mother's Day.
5) Issuing notices to housing associations asking reservation for Marathi people.

These are just a few but very important & burning issues which might have had a big ramification on the lives of the Marathi populous!

Puleeezz give me a break! Don't undermine, erode & destroy the Marathi self-confidence by begging for reservations in housing associations, we(Marathas) certainly deserve more & better treatment from a fellow Maratha(if you think you are one - Mr. Thackeray)!

We pride ourselves for being natives of Maharashtra. We take pride in(to name a few), the land of the likes of Shivaji - who epitomizes valor, Maratha Regiment - decorated numerous time for their valor and for Mumbai - India's financial capital where millions of fellow Indians live in harmony irrespective of their state, language or origins.
Never in our history has an Maratha known to have begged/threaten fellow Indian to etch an name for themselves! We were revered to be a class of our own, but these so-called champions of Marathi Manoos have stooped low to levels unknown & unheard of and dragged the great Maratha fame along with it.

Pained with the current state of affairs, I appeal to all my fellow Marathi friends & readers to be wary and see through this dirty, evil design(of these selfish politicians), voice their concern and be vocal of their discontent to safe-guard our Marathi pride.

Let the TRUE Marathi Manoos speak!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MNS ups its ante...with cheap tactics

MNS attacks Abu Azmi (Read full story here...)

Staying true to their word(of taking action against any legislator member who planed to take their oath in non-Marathi language) MNS has lived to their formidable reputation of being a party run by mindless party workers and leaders alike. The suspension of the 4 MNS legislators (more details here) is some welcome news to say the least.This act has painted a grim picture of Mumbai a city known for its co-existence of Marathi and (a varied mix of) non-Marathi speaking populous. 

With these kind of cheap tactics to gain political mileage it is clear indication that the party is not at all committed to the larger interest of the Marathi Manoos. Rather they are here to make money in the name of being the torch bearers of the Marathi Manoos and it is the aam junta @ Marathi Manoos who will pay dearly for this foolish adventure! If this act is any reflection of a Marathi Manoos's mentality, then it is just a matter of time for Mumbai is heading into the dark ages of ignorance & self-centered existence which is going to be their biggest undoing.

It would only be right for the 4 MNS legislators(involved in this incident) to be awarded with expulsion and bar them for life from politics. The MNS party and its leadership should on their part be held accountable for this ruckus and penalized heavily to set an example(for future law violators). No person or party going forward should take law in their own hands and try to tinker around with the said constitution and laws of the land. It waits to be seen what kind of action is taken to really address this issue and nip these trouble makers at the bud.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fatwa against living in harmony!

Fatwa against 'Vande Mataram' (Read full story here...)

So one of the Muslim board is back to it again...issuing Fatwas! Don't these people have anything better to talk about or do than(quoting Islamic sentiments) issue Fatwas which hit at the very heart of their peaceful co-existence in India! Be it about singing the national anthem or mixing it with their religion, they never fail to amuse me. All Islam has empowered them to do is to issue such Fatwas but not eliminate the religious misunderstanding which plagues its image both in India and world-wide. A sizable chunk of the Muslim youth are being systematically brain-washed and used towards mindless terrorism in the name of Jihad. Shouldn't the board, clerics and the Imams look into these kind of serious issues plaguing this religion rather than issue these mindless Fatwas?

Now here is something for the Imams(and Muslim board) to chew on!


Marathi Manoos - MNS's con job agenda

Marathi only diktat to MLAs from MNS chief!(Read full news here...)

Here comes another salvo from the so-called
champion of Marathi Manoos - MNS chief Raj Thackeray. Raj has time-and-again worked up the agenda of dividing the masses of Maharashtra on the lines of Marathi and non-Marathi locals. In doing so he has also ensured that Mumbai's (along with rest of Maharashtra) reputation of a cosmopolitan city takes a sound beating. What does he gain out of Mumbai's ordeal? Power. By feeding these lame ideas to the masses, playing(these kind of) dirty vote bank politics and ultimately gaining power Raj truly has evolved from being a decent Mumbaikar to a pukka politician. He has proclaimed himself as the new champion of Marathi Manoos, a fact underscored by Mumbaikars who elected him to power thereby ushering more dark and difficult times for Mumbai(post-Sena dominance).

I being born & bought up in Mumbai can very well see the
transformation(read degeneration) of Maaji Mumbai(My Mumbai). These poisonous thoughts have now taken shape in the very form of my good(Marathi) friends talking so passionately about this new found purpose and direction. They go about being flag bearers of this very sick ideology by echoing and ultimately advocating the very thoughts! I took pride calling myself a Mumbaikar, but today my pain knows no bounds caused by these mindless political stunts and the very acceptance by the masses! I abhor the very idea of Mumbai belonging only to the Marathi Manoos thereby alienating non-Marathi populous! The very essence of Mumbai is in its diversity of its dwellers.

MNS chief's recent statement is a blatant disregard to the constitution of our country and can only be seen as a direct challenge to the law enforcers. Strict action should be taken against the party, specially against the MSN chief for making such
threatening statements(which undermines the law of the land) to set an example so that other(would be) violators don't imitate these kind of actions. MNS to establish itself doesn't have to go down the Sena line - who used pressure tactics(read goonda tactics) and provoked these kind of local sentiments to bring themselves to power. MNS should rather learn from Sena's mistakes or shortcomings, implement policy changes(rather than beating the dead goat practice @ Marathi Manoos) to address the larger masses, ensure a sense of belonging to all, and keep true the promises made during election campaign. This is the only way it can establish itself as Mumbaikars' true champion and a good unbiased political party.

These changes are bound to usher a new era of reforms for Mumbai(and Maharashtra), making Mumbaikar's feel more connected, comfortable and confident about themselves and their city. MNS activists as well as Mumbaikars have to go through a sea change in terms of mindset towards non-Marathi locals. It should aim towards painting the city with the
varied colors of the rainbow as opposed to the monotonous theme as is the case with most other Indian cities.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Hilliary talks sense with Pakistan!

"I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they(Al-Qaida & Bin Laden) are and couldn’t get them if they really wanted to." - Hillary Clinton (Read full story here...)

US couldn't bottle the pent up emotions anymore and an outburst was waiting to happen, as was evident here by the Secretary of State (SoS). This should have woken up the masses of Pakistan from their deep slumber to recognize the fact that there is nothing called free lunch anymore with US anymore. This outburst brings out in the open - the uneasy & messy affair between these strange bed-partners (US & Pakistan). US has been pouring billions of dollars into Pakistan, who on their part claimed to be their so-called ally in WOT (War on Terrorism). It is an open secret that the FOT(Factories of Terror) are very much based and operated from in the soils of Pakistan which was (and is) time-and-time-again published in reams of various US security reports! Pakistan has systematically fooled US into funneling huge sums of funding as part of its aid against WOT program. But I fail to understand, how do you explain the foolish act of countless US congressmen overlooking this basis principle that money can't buy an rogue's allegiance and neither can it revive an fallen state like Pakistan! It is an open secret that money cannot buy peace, especially while dealing with these kind of fanatics who make-up the very essence of Al-Qaida and its allies.

I totally agree with the outburst of the SoS as its time for US to ask the right questions and make Pakistan accountable for the billions of US tax dollars paid to them in terms of military & civilian aids. Pakistan can't expect to live on this aid and continue its double crossed agenda of siding with the fanatic elements of the likes of Al-Qaida. Pakistan as a country has no decent revenue generation mechanism (apart from fight against terrorism aid - FATA) since all/most of its industries are almost non-existent. It is time they create job prospects for their citizens and ensure eduction, employment and good standards of living for them. These kind of pro-active measures are the only viable and long lasting solutions that can set in a new wave of reforms they need thereby controlling their growing dependence on Terror for aids!

I wish US acknowledges the basic fact that to bring peace & stability in the South-Asia region it can and should rely on India as its ally. Also with (Af-Pak) Pakistan & Afghanistan being no more than rogue states and
the new wave of trade treaties & pacts being signed up between US & India; it is only sensible for US to side with India and forge an alliance thereby ensuring stability, peace and prosperity in this region for the years to come.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Law doesn't mean a thing!

Wrong turn? Police jeep injures horse(Read full story here...)

It seems Humans have forgotten the most important lesson of their very existence - which is that they are animals too! This is true in almost all developing/under-developed countries around the globe.

Here is a good example of this close home. A quick look at the pictures says it all. Here the vehicle driver was not only human(assumed to be of normal health and sane state of mind) but also an law enforcer. How can someone be so careless and above all stupid?

Where are the animal rights activists now? Isn't this something they need to take up and ensure these kind of mistakes are not repeated again! As a measure at least book the errant driver or fine him along with the traffic constable who was party to this crime for allowing this illegal turn. Animal rights activist should not ignore this incident but should have by initiating some kind of action set an precedent for future animal welfare violators (like the one under discussion). But that is wishful thinking...

As of the last update, there was no mention of any case being booked against the driver. Reason? Simple enough, cases such as these are never filed against people with power (read politicians, bureaucrats, law-enforcers) and I repeat never.

If only humans could realize the ultimate truth that they are just part of this ecosystem and by ignoring and not abiding by its rule book will cost them dearly. The laws of nature are real and govern all irrespective how humans feel about themselves and other beings!
Hope we(humans) respect the environment, all other beings and ourselves in equal measure.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

China's evil design

Arunachal an integral part of India (Read full story here...)

Here is another attempt by China to ridicule India. Having occupied a part of J&K and now contesting for Arunachal Pradesh, paints China's bold evil design. It can also been seen as China taking a dig at the Indian might in general.

Post Mumbai attack, Indian govt. has done nothing to portray itself as a nation concerned about its citizens or infrastructure – mark of a strong nation. All India ended up doing was file loads of proof to US and Pakistan to prove a very well known fact - the perpetrators of this (and many other) attack(s) were from Pakistan!

China having openly acknowledged India to be a threat to their supremacy in South-Asia region and is doing all it takes to break India into smaller independent countries (Ref: International Institute for Strategic Studies article). Apart from fragmenting India, the Chinese evil design also includes a strangulating hold on India from all sides with foes which is slowly and effectively seeing the light of the day. India today stands surrounded by either fallen/rogue/unfriendly states like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal to name a few. Some (if not all) of these states were at some point of time effectively managed (by India) for its greater welfare. Recent media reports also talks about how there have been Chinese intrusions!

The current situation being such that, India on its end is being reactive continues to play the dumb wait-and-watch game! For one, it has lost it control over countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal and now stands as the lone ranger. It has gone on length trying to persuade its local to see the other way (by denying the Chinese intrusion – a shot in the arm for the Chinese)!

China being very well aware of the way India reacts to events like these is blatantly moving ahead (ever watchful and contemplating their next move) with its evil design while India prays on (based on some psychic predictions - India: The super-power of 21st century)...for everyone (read the world) to fall flat on their face so that it would emerge as the one true super-power...the day when there would be no civilization to turn to!

If India indeed wants to be the super-power as it dreams, then the only way forward is to proactively see the evil Chinese design and take counter measures and address the Chinese allies – Pakistan, (and now) Nepal, Sri Lanka, et al!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tiger bites the Dragon's tail

India beats China in auto exports(Read full story here...)

Here is the
Tiger (@ India) taking another jab at the Dragon(@ China). Though the Dragon is well placed and this being an well known fact; this article talks about how the Tiger is pulling all strings to get even with the Dragon. The tiger is growing strength-to-strength with some smart moves like the decently competitive excise duty, % of FDI allowed and to top it up - the abundantly available cheap labor.

Though the Indian automobile exports shot up 18% while China's market saw a slowdown of 60%, it would be foolish to say(or think) that the Tiger has an upper hand in this game over the Dragon. Reason being that the Dragon is way ahead in this game and its only now that the Tiger has woken up from its slumber and realizing its potential is taking a stance to stake a claim of this pie.

The way forward to keep this growth and momentum going the Tiger needs to sincerely look into its strong point and iron out its short comings like that of local union, political wrestling (the Nano drama) and provide a shot in the arm for infrastructure buildup to usher the growth of this sector.

For now the Tiger has got the Dragon by its tail. But with the above issues taken care of the Tiger can indeed step into the ring, take on the Dragon in a one-on-one showdown, hopefully deliver that fatal blow and emerge winner.

Let us raise a toast to that.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here we go again!

Bengal IT hub meets the Nano fate!(Read full story here...)

Now here is a classic example of how government's careless and lackadaisical attitude can kill an ambitious and long benefiting growth prospects of a state.

Are we learning anything from our past mistakes yet (post the Nano issue!)? Or is it too early to expect this from a state (and a country in the broader sense) which has for generations produced some of the world's well known names in varied fields of science and education. Is the local govt. really keen on getting investments for the state, generating employment for the locals and looking ahead of the current ruckus created by the detractors of such projects? Politics should take a back seat while deciding the fate and future of the country...but that is wishful thinking.

Seems India is full of surprises, never fails to amaze me. Every time we try to take a step in the right direction, we ensure to take ten steps in the wrong direction. Reiterating, are we learning from our mistakes? With issues like these being an common occurrence all I can say is "Here we go again!"


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We are getting there

Jaywalkers fined...a welcome change(Read full story here...)

This new initiative by the govt. is a positive way of enforcing(read teaching) some commonsense to the ignorant (and most of the time stupid) common man. The point where I'm lost is, common sense is after all not so common in our country (which aspires to be a Super-power someday).

For so many years people have been doing the wrong things, an sentiment echoed by those fined recently. It is time we move away from these sort of habits, follow rules and contribute our bit as part of the solution.

These small steps of enforcing the law and playing by the rule book has a big ramification in molding the mindsets of our fellow countrymen. Together we can and we will realize the dream of making India the country of our dreams.

Hope by enforcing these kind of laws and with the right intent (both politically and individually) we can move forward in the right direction and usher India towards being a Developed country - soon.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kasab - the 26/11 terrorist plays to Indian audience

Kasab's trial goes on and he is not dead yet!(Read full story here...)

Pakistani gunman Ajmal Amir Kasab @ Kasab the lone surviving terrorist of the 26/11 brutal assault on India's financial capital - Mumbai is in news again! Enough evidences have cemented Kasab's nationality & his involvement in the bloody 26/11 attack in which hundreds of innocent Indians along with other foreign nationals were massacred. It seems having put Kasab through trial to establish these facts is not enough for the Indian govt. The judiciary is now planing to play a dirty & dangerous game of It is not over yet...

In one of the most recent statements to the court, Kasab has accepted all his doings & has pleaded to be
awarded aptly - capital punishment.The drama created by attention seeking mindless media who are in business not for real journalism but to make heads turn with their sensational piece of dirty & filthy minds are discussing on lengths of how Kasab might be misleading the Indian populous(read law makers, enforcers & followers) with his recent plea for death. There are now different school of thought churning out new & weird ideas & discussions about how Kasab is smarter than we assume & how capable he is of playing mind games with the Indian masses.

On the other hand, govt lawyers & police are not
satisfied with Kasab's confession because they want him to confess to the entire story/version as per the police records. Now I beg to ask this Q - "
What on earth are you going to prove with all these confessions and B...S... statements?" Isn't capital punishment the ultimate reward for his misadventure apt? Having established his involvement(which shouldn't have taken so long in the first place), shouldn't he be dragged along the by lanes of Mumbai after being decapitated & then shot in full public view? I know this sounds like a piece of Taliban's way of justice, but this would etch fear in the minds of wannabe trouble makers & terrorists and also give out an stern warning to the entire terrorism community who might think India is an easy & soft target. India has for long bore the brunt of numerous terrorist attacks & I think its time we start acting(reactive & in proactive manner) to these threats & take actions to mitigate them once and for all.

But that was wishful thinking, I'm sure as I see, this drama is going to carry on for few more years to come & Kasab will live long enough to mock the Indian judiciary & he might die with an sarcastic smile on his face having made a buffoon of the Indians again!!!

Afzal Guru the key conspirator in the
Indian Parliament attack is one fine
living example of this - but then that is a different story all together, which I might write about in some time to come.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dialogue with a terrorist state!

Dialogue will depend on Pakistan's action against terror says Mr. Manmohan Singh(Read full story here...)

Now here is a fine example of an Indian politician's spineless act. The current head of ruling govt. of the world's biggest democracy - Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh (will refer him as MS). India has been time & time again, systematically & in a timely manner been battered by Pakistan's (& its allies) sponsored proxy war & terrorism. It is a known fact & the world acknowledges this - Pakistan is the heart of the global terrorism mechanism. Pakistan's biggest export till date remains its Factories-of-Terroraid in the WAT. This is US way of showing the world how serious they are about the WAT! that operates from its soil. And how does US the face of WAT(War-Against-Terror) approach this problem? Simple pour in Billions of dollars & supply the latest war machines to

Coming back the world's biggest democracy - India. The head of ruling govt - MS shows off his metal by firstly putting to trail the lone captured terrorist of the Mumbai attack(26/11), secondly declaring that India is ready to negotiate with Pakistan(a country which has been established to have sent out these terrorists in the first place)! What is he trying to prove by these actions? Simple - traditionally an person visiting India is consider an guest & MS is treating his guest to the one & true way known to Indian traditions - welcome your guest with open arms & fulfill all their wishes! Some people would like to argue that MS is doing the right thing, by allowing the law of the land to take its course, but let me ask these people a simple Q - It is beyond doubt that this terrorist was involved in one of the worst barbaric attacks of recent times & the law of the land is trying to prove this! Shame on you Mr. Singh. Once regarded as a very able & apt person for this post, you've bought disgrace & shame to this post proving how you've transformed to be part of the pack! With leaders like you at the helm of affairs, its only time for India to take step backwards & giving in to the demands of these mindless fanatics, thereby setting a weak example of a country which has a rich history & tradition of valor & courage.

Having said that, I'm not preaching war, but as they "Don't start a war, but ensure you end one!", I would've liked to see an apt Indian response to these deadly attacks on Indian soil. India could have formulated surgical strikes on the TTC(Terrorists Training Camps) run in POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) & other areas of Pakistan bordering Indian cities. This would have taught Pakistan not to mess around with India security & internal affairs thereby setting a befitting reply for the trouble mongers. But with the state of affairs of Indian politics, this is mere wishful thinking & only time will tell if my dream will ever see the dawn of light!

Mr Singh, I wish your sense prevail or at least the blood of a Sikh(known again for their valor & courage) flowing through your veins show its true color & you lead India to an illustrious & glorious path.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mrs.Clinton tangos in India

Diplomatic test for Clinton in India(Read full story here...)

I hope Mrs.Clinton's recent visit to India visit was
beneficial & ushers a new chapter of symbiotic(pun intended) relation for both countries involved. US is known for its self-centered view & India is more than well known for its stupid & short-sighted outlook! It is an open secret why US is building up trade ties with India.

I lay out
these for the less informed souls. India's economic growth, stable stock market(times when the entire world is discussing depression & economic meltdown), abundant cheap educated labor pool & lets not forget the most important point - being one of the biggest defence spenders are reason enough to solicit India.

Having said that the War-on-Terror seems to be heading in directions unimagined even by the worst Hollywood scriptwriters. To add to their woes the coffin count is heading northwards. US wants India to pitch-in & play some key role in stabilizing the region. The so-called hunt for Mr.Laden who according to US intelligence is cooling around in some Bin is proof enough of how dedicated & serious they are with this agenda!

So coming back to the point of this post, here is Mrs. Clinton touring India to garner support (& business). She talks about how
important it is to maintain & build relations with a country like India!!! She goes on to make a mockery of India's stupid & wood-brained people by saying "Pakistan is making the necessary & right moves and India should be patient with its dealing with Pakistan"!!! Sound bytes like these & thought too by a senior US parliamentarian on Indian soil is like a tight slap on the face of all self-respecting Indians. Having said this, the Indian media & politicians lapped up these (& more similar ridiculous) comments by her showing a total disrespect towards the very Indian feeling - if I may say so.

It is time for Indians(politicians & others) to stop bending backwards to the whims & wishes of countries like US & demand what is due to them, have courage to stand tall & dictate terms on equal grounds while negotiating trade & other important issues! Only if the powers that be start behaving in a self-respecting fashion will this country be truly independent & not be exploited by super-powers!

May each & every Indian note that if there is a will of this sort, there will come a way to lead India out of the developing country status & thus begin a new chapter towards being a true Super-Power.