Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MNS ups its ante...with cheap tactics

MNS attacks Abu Azmi (Read full story here...)

Staying true to their word(of taking action against any legislator member who planed to take their oath in non-Marathi language) MNS has lived to their formidable reputation of being a party run by mindless party workers and leaders alike. The suspension of the 4 MNS legislators (more details here) is some welcome news to say the least.This act has painted a grim picture of Mumbai a city known for its co-existence of Marathi and (a varied mix of) non-Marathi speaking populous. 

With these kind of cheap tactics to gain political mileage it is clear indication that the party is not at all committed to the larger interest of the Marathi Manoos. Rather they are here to make money in the name of being the torch bearers of the Marathi Manoos and it is the aam junta @ Marathi Manoos who will pay dearly for this foolish adventure! If this act is any reflection of a Marathi Manoos's mentality, then it is just a matter of time for Mumbai is heading into the dark ages of ignorance & self-centered existence which is going to be their biggest undoing.

It would only be right for the 4 MNS legislators(involved in this incident) to be awarded with expulsion and bar them for life from politics. The MNS party and its leadership should on their part be held accountable for this ruckus and penalized heavily to set an example(for future law violators). No person or party going forward should take law in their own hands and try to tinker around with the said constitution and laws of the land. It waits to be seen what kind of action is taken to really address this issue and nip these trouble makers at the bud.



  1. Why these political leaders behaving like illitrate i dont understand..

  2. The local language drive started in Tamilnadu (Madras Region then) in 1960-65 as they feared use of Hindi in Government jobs may deprive them of the opportunity to do central government jobs.
    PM lalbahadur shastri had to interven.
    I have lot to talk about this I will blog someday in detail.