Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tiger bites the Dragon's tail

India beats China in auto exports(Read full story here...)

Here is the
Tiger (@ India) taking another jab at the Dragon(@ China). Though the Dragon is well placed and this being an well known fact; this article talks about how the Tiger is pulling all strings to get even with the Dragon. The tiger is growing strength-to-strength with some smart moves like the decently competitive excise duty, % of FDI allowed and to top it up - the abundantly available cheap labor.

Though the Indian automobile exports shot up 18% while China's market saw a slowdown of 60%, it would be foolish to say(or think) that the Tiger has an upper hand in this game over the Dragon. Reason being that the Dragon is way ahead in this game and its only now that the Tiger has woken up from its slumber and realizing its potential is taking a stance to stake a claim of this pie.

The way forward to keep this growth and momentum going the Tiger needs to sincerely look into its strong point and iron out its short comings like that of local union, political wrestling (the Nano drama) and provide a shot in the arm for infrastructure buildup to usher the growth of this sector.

For now the Tiger has got the Dragon by its tail. But with the above issues taken care of the Tiger can indeed step into the ring, take on the Dragon in a one-on-one showdown, hopefully deliver that fatal blow and emerge winner.

Let us raise a toast to that.


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