Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are they really serious of fighting terrorism?

3.5 Cr Speedboat breaks down in record time(Read full story here...)

Mumbai is redefining the meaning of fight against terrorism. On the eventual day of 26/11 when the Pakistani terrorists staged an outrageous attack on India's financial capital Mumbai, the city was taken by surprise and eventually many innocent lives were lost. The high human toll and rusty preparedness was mostly attributed to the ill-equipped police force. The Great Indian Think Tank came together to immediately propose and allocate decent(if not huge) sum of funds towards modernizing and equipping the police force. Outcome of all this being setting up an independent task force for Mumbai (and hopefully other metropolitan cities eventually), procuring advanced machinery/tools to thwart future attacks such as these...

This typical knee-jerk reaction resulted in procurement of substandard tools from suppliers. This is evident from the breakdown of one of the two speedboats - Koyna. With this level of commitment and recent chatter of possible new attack getting louder by the day, it is only a matter of time we will be faced with another variant of 26/11!

Unless & until there is a real push to get our acts together, I don't see any reason for the local populous to feel safe with this well equipped police force guarding us.

Hope the commoners are not taken for a ride again!


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  1. for once.....human life should be valued and attempts should be made on warfooting to destroy these lunatics from perpetrating such ghastly acts of terrorism.....all this "Mumbai city has a great spirit and has bounced back to normalcy" is crap......people who have lost their near and dear ones know what the real ordeal is....