Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We are getting there

Jaywalkers fined...a welcome change(Read full story here...)

This new initiative by the govt. is a positive way of enforcing(read teaching) some commonsense to the ignorant (and most of the time stupid) common man. The point where I'm lost is, common sense is after all not so common in our country (which aspires to be a Super-power someday).

For so many years people have been doing the wrong things, an sentiment echoed by those fined recently. It is time we move away from these sort of habits, follow rules and contribute our bit as part of the solution.

These small steps of enforcing the law and playing by the rule book has a big ramification in molding the mindsets of our fellow countrymen. Together we can and we will realize the dream of making India the country of our dreams.

Hope by enforcing these kind of laws and with the right intent (both politically and individually) we can move forward in the right direction and usher India towards being a Developed country - soon.


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