Thursday, December 10, 2009

No more hamara Bajaj!

Bajaj calls it a day(Read full story here...)

It is finally end of road for Bajaj. OK that was being a bit over-the-top ;). Bajaj recently made an statement effecting the shutdown of their scooter development department. Bajaj has had a smooth ride in the scooter segment and was the market leader in India in the late 80s and early 90s. I'm sure their "Hamara Bajaj" slogan is etched in many of our hearts. This news certainly evokes a bit of surprise and sadness for many, since they(scooters) were(and I'm sure are) associated with those warm and nostalgic growing-up-years memories.

With this decision, Bajaj is now to do away with their scooter venture and focus their energies in being the market leaders in the bike segment.

Looking forward to some good(in terms of mileage & performance) and innovative(like electric or alternate fuel powered vehicles) products from your future lineup.

All the Best Bajaj.

Disclaimer: This article is in no way an marketing/endorsement for Bajaj.


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  1. Since scooter was flagship product of bajaj, this decision is really sad.