Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Composting: My in-house success story

Hello friends,
By now you all might be aware and part of govt’s “progressive initiative” on Solid Waste Management(SWM)…assuming most(if not all) of you might be practicing it in your respective apt more out of compulsion than interest :)

I've been diligently following this practice for more than a decade now.

(OK enough blowing my own trumpet :)
Coming back to the point of this mail, earlier (prior to govt notice), as was my usual practice I used to segregate my waste into separate “bio-degradable” bags and hand it over to my apt house-keeping staff for disposal; which was ending up in one big rubbish bin…thus nullifying my efforts!
Then this govt notice came across and the one thing I changed was to get myself a Daily Dump(DD) “starter-kit” for a very nominal amount(Ref figs below:- (a)Small Kambha & (b)Pots).
The idea was to try composting my kitchen waste(ref figs (d1, d2, d3) in-house (rather than “burden” govt appointed garbage collecting contractors who had no regards to cleanliness and was often seen being more trouble than any help to our community).

Post kick-starting my composting drive, the only waste being sent out is dry waste(collected once-a-week in my apt).
This has drastically cut-down(almost 85%) my waste load being sent out… at least from my flat.

After almost 5 months of composting, I can proudly declare it to be a grand success! (Ref fig (c)-Finished Compost)
In case you too are deliberating on similar lines, I strongly recommend you to try it first hand to see for yourself the ease & simplicity of this process.

Imagine if the same is replicated at apt level(or for that matter of dreaming…at our community level).
We are talking about 85% less garbage being shipped out!!! Phenomenal don’t you think?

With these dreamy eyes, I humbly request & encourage you to try this at your respective flat/apt level and reap the benefits of it.

More details on DailyDump @  http://dailydump.org/

Kitchen Waste
(d1)Kitchen Waste
Kitchen Waste in Pot
(d2)Kitchen Waste in Pot
Composting in progress
(d3)Composting in progress
(a) Small Kambha
(a) Small Kambha
(b) Pots
(b) Pots
(c) Finished Compost
(c) Finished compost


  1. I just hope some if not everyone start thinking in similar lines to start with.. :)

  2. Replies
    1. @Sanks: Thats the common misconception people have about this. Honestly it doesn't stink and the best part being it isn't time consuming as well...just 10 mins/alternative day!

  3. How abt te maggots do they crawl into the house?, this only thing that is stopping me from composing, bcos my balcony is small and right next to my room

    1. @Pavithra: Maggots are formed as a side-effect of the compost being too moist. One of the best preventive measure is the use of dry leaves or saw-dust to counter any watery green waste which you might add to the composting mix.

      Answering you question, if managed properly, maggots won't crawl out of the pot...so you can be rest assured of that :)
      Happy composting & All The Best to you.

      P.S: If possible please post about your experiences and spread the word.

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