Tuesday, October 13, 2009

China's evil design

Arunachal an integral part of India (Read full story here...)

Here is another attempt by China to ridicule India. Having occupied a part of J&K and now contesting for Arunachal Pradesh, paints China's bold evil design. It can also been seen as China taking a dig at the Indian might in general.

Post Mumbai attack, Indian govt. has done nothing to portray itself as a nation concerned about its citizens or infrastructure – mark of a strong nation. All India ended up doing was file loads of proof to US and Pakistan to prove a very well known fact - the perpetrators of this (and many other) attack(s) were from Pakistan!

China having openly acknowledged India to be a threat to their supremacy in South-Asia region and is doing all it takes to break India into smaller independent countries (Ref: International Institute for Strategic Studies article). Apart from fragmenting India, the Chinese evil design also includes a strangulating hold on India from all sides with foes which is slowly and effectively seeing the light of the day. India today stands surrounded by either fallen/rogue/unfriendly states like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal to name a few. Some (if not all) of these states were at some point of time effectively managed (by India) for its greater welfare. Recent media reports also talks about how there have been Chinese intrusions!

The current situation being such that, India on its end is being reactive continues to play the dumb wait-and-watch game! For one, it has lost it control over countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal and now stands as the lone ranger. It has gone on length trying to persuade its local to see the other way (by denying the Chinese intrusion – a shot in the arm for the Chinese)!

China being very well aware of the way India reacts to events like these is blatantly moving ahead (ever watchful and contemplating their next move) with its evil design while India prays on (based on some psychic predictions - India: The super-power of 21st century)...for everyone (read the world) to fall flat on their face so that it would emerge as the one true super-power...the day when there would be no civilization to turn to!

If India indeed wants to be the super-power as it dreams, then the only way forward is to proactively see the evil Chinese design and take counter measures and address the Chinese allies – Pakistan, (and now) Nepal, Sri Lanka, et al!



  1. I completely agree with the author.......as he rightly says....our head (Jammu & Kashmir) is already out of our hands now. Can anybody who calls himself a true Indian...imagine the map of our country without the head ???....its shameless. The day is not far when children in schools would learn the map without J&K.....infact its already that way in many places...& now China is asking for its share....from its convenient end.....if we don't act now and remain cowards like we have been (since British rule)....the day is not far when India will be tattered into pieces & will be wiped off from the face of earth as an individual country & we all will be distributed among our neighbours as slaves.....

  2. "In Saudi Arabia, a person could get whipped for not wearing the top button of his shirt...& in India terrorists go scotfree.... are we for real guyz???"