Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fatwa against living in harmony!

Fatwa against 'Vande Mataram' (Read full story here...)

So one of the Muslim board is back to it again...issuing Fatwas! Don't these people have anything better to talk about or do than(quoting Islamic sentiments) issue Fatwas which hit at the very heart of their peaceful co-existence in India! Be it about singing the national anthem or mixing it with their religion, they never fail to amuse me. All Islam has empowered them to do is to issue such Fatwas but not eliminate the religious misunderstanding which plagues its image both in India and world-wide. A sizable chunk of the Muslim youth are being systematically brain-washed and used towards mindless terrorism in the name of Jihad. Shouldn't the board, clerics and the Imams look into these kind of serious issues plaguing this religion rather than issue these mindless Fatwas?

Now here is something for the Imams(and Muslim board) to chew on!


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