Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mrs.Clinton tangos in India

Diplomatic test for Clinton in India(Read full story here...)

I hope Mrs.Clinton's recent visit to India visit was
beneficial & ushers a new chapter of symbiotic(pun intended) relation for both countries involved. US is known for its self-centered view & India is more than well known for its stupid & short-sighted outlook! It is an open secret why US is building up trade ties with India.

I lay out
these for the less informed souls. India's economic growth, stable stock market(times when the entire world is discussing depression & economic meltdown), abundant cheap educated labor pool & lets not forget the most important point - being one of the biggest defence spenders are reason enough to solicit India.

Having said that the War-on-Terror seems to be heading in directions unimagined even by the worst Hollywood scriptwriters. To add to their woes the coffin count is heading northwards. US wants India to pitch-in & play some key role in stabilizing the region. The so-called hunt for Mr.Laden who according to US intelligence is cooling around in some Bin is proof enough of how dedicated & serious they are with this agenda!

So coming back to the point of this post, here is Mrs. Clinton touring India to garner support (& business). She talks about how
important it is to maintain & build relations with a country like India!!! She goes on to make a mockery of India's stupid & wood-brained people by saying "Pakistan is making the necessary & right moves and India should be patient with its dealing with Pakistan"!!! Sound bytes like these & thought too by a senior US parliamentarian on Indian soil is like a tight slap on the face of all self-respecting Indians. Having said this, the Indian media & politicians lapped up these (& more similar ridiculous) comments by her showing a total disrespect towards the very Indian feeling - if I may say so.

It is time for Indians(politicians & others) to stop bending backwards to the whims & wishes of countries like US & demand what is due to them, have courage to stand tall & dictate terms on equal grounds while negotiating trade & other important issues! Only if the powers that be start behaving in a self-respecting fashion will this country be truly independent & not be exploited by super-powers!

May each & every Indian note that if there is a will of this sort, there will come a way to lead India out of the developing country status & thus begin a new chapter towards being a true Super-Power.