Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dialogue with a terrorist state!

Dialogue will depend on Pakistan's action against terror says Mr. Manmohan Singh(Read full story here...)

Now here is a fine example of an Indian politician's spineless act. The current head of ruling govt. of the world's biggest democracy - Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh (will refer him as MS). India has been time & time again, systematically & in a timely manner been battered by Pakistan's (& its allies) sponsored proxy war & terrorism. It is a known fact & the world acknowledges this - Pakistan is the heart of the global terrorism mechanism. Pakistan's biggest export till date remains its Factories-of-Terroraid in the WAT. This is US way of showing the world how serious they are about the WAT! that operates from its soil. And how does US the face of WAT(War-Against-Terror) approach this problem? Simple pour in Billions of dollars & supply the latest war machines to

Coming back the world's biggest democracy - India. The head of ruling govt - MS shows off his metal by firstly putting to trail the lone captured terrorist of the Mumbai attack(26/11), secondly declaring that India is ready to negotiate with Pakistan(a country which has been established to have sent out these terrorists in the first place)! What is he trying to prove by these actions? Simple - traditionally an person visiting India is consider an guest & MS is treating his guest to the one & true way known to Indian traditions - welcome your guest with open arms & fulfill all their wishes! Some people would like to argue that MS is doing the right thing, by allowing the law of the land to take its course, but let me ask these people a simple Q - It is beyond doubt that this terrorist was involved in one of the worst barbaric attacks of recent times & the law of the land is trying to prove this! Shame on you Mr. Singh. Once regarded as a very able & apt person for this post, you've bought disgrace & shame to this post proving how you've transformed to be part of the pack! With leaders like you at the helm of affairs, its only time for India to take step backwards & giving in to the demands of these mindless fanatics, thereby setting a weak example of a country which has a rich history & tradition of valor & courage.

Having said that, I'm not preaching war, but as they "Don't start a war, but ensure you end one!", I would've liked to see an apt Indian response to these deadly attacks on Indian soil. India could have formulated surgical strikes on the TTC(Terrorists Training Camps) run in POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) & other areas of Pakistan bordering Indian cities. This would have taught Pakistan not to mess around with India security & internal affairs thereby setting a befitting reply for the trouble mongers. But with the state of affairs of Indian politics, this is mere wishful thinking & only time will tell if my dream will ever see the dawn of light!

Mr Singh, I wish your sense prevail or at least the blood of a Sikh(known again for their valor & courage) flowing through your veins show its true color & you lead India to an illustrious & glorious path.


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  1. I completely agree with your sentiments. How ever, its wise to standby and wait until the time is right. There is more than that meets the eye in this matter. US is stuck with Pakistan as the only base to operate on (they have burned bridges with Iran and Russia), obviously India cannot be used as a base. So US cannot afford to have Pakistan engage in a war with India now.
    Lets say what will happen if India strikes at terror camps in PoK. They will simply start a war on India with Chinese support, US will not be able to continue its operation in Afghanistan and they will pull off. All Jihadi/Militant groups will be high on moral and all of them in Afghanistan will come to fight India and if China attacks us in Arunachal Pradesh... I don't want to explain more here.
    I believe that India is waiting for whirlpool created by Pakistan to consume itself.
    All I am in for, is to guard our fences more tightly and ensure they don't enter India and continue their attacks. Nothing more, nothing less. Let the others face their fate!