Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Indians allowed in India!!!

No Indians allowed..(Read full story here...)

Here is an classic case of an MNC coming into India in order to cash in on the spoils of India's steadily growing economy but seem to have not done their homework enough. Haagen Dazs (HD) is one such example of this kind. They came visiting India to cash in on the local buoyant economy (when the other rest-of-the-world economies are just about limping back to normalcy post their tango with recession). HD in their mad rush to etch an name for themselves have not cared for the local sentiments, which is evident from their misadventure.

This advert. brings back the dark memories of how the East India Company visited India for trade and ultimately went on to rule India. They had signs during their stay in India calling for entry restriction of Indians in most of their social establishments.

I strongly feel that turning an blind eye or ignoring this as a one-off incident is not right. The local administration should take note of this and initiate strict action. At the least, HD should be fined and asked to do some community service related activity. In doing so we should send out an message of India of an self-respecting country which takes importance than in lieu of the financial benefits(if any) arising from the outlet opening of this MNC. This is very much needed so as to set an precedent for other adventurers. We can't let any outsider to exploit or take undue advantage of the situation that exists in India. I agree we have lawlessness compounded by rampant corruption and other social issues to deal with, all of which are attributed to our own callous thinking and the resulting frustrated way of life & living. All said and done, that doesn't warrant/allow any outsider to come in and behave in this rash manner. Though the marketing manager has agreed to their folly and apologized; they shouldn't be let go on the pretext of mere apologetic sound bytes.

Only if the right measures are taken to safeguard our values & culture, while ensuring to gel  well with the other foreign cultures can we forge an fair & fertile platform to facilitate & ultimately sustain an growing economy like ours.

Hope the right lessons are learned from this hiccup and we move forward in the right direction.


Monday, December 21, 2009

London going the Mumbai way!

London warned of 26/11 rerun(Read full story here...)

This blunt and shocking revelation by the Police Dept. speaks a million words. One of those being the helplessness of the law enforcers in tackling or trying to contain the issue of terrorism. Dealing with or eventually trying to curb the Jihadis planing(another) assault on any of the numerous cities world wide is proving to be a humongous challenge for the law enforcers around the world. And why not, this is not one body or mind we are talking about here. This is rather a new wave of generation who are exposed, motivated and finally led to carry out these dastardly acts in the name of religion to achieve the ultimate prize of all - Salvation.

No matter how much soever the law enforcing agencies try to prevent these acts of terror; they are aware that this omnipresent monster to be done with is just wishful thinking - a wish which would never ever see the light of the day!

Its such a sorry state and an irony to note that religion which is epicenter of faith for humans is used as a weapon against humanity!  Hopefully the the religious leaders, law enforcers and people with work out a way to eliminate this malaise which has become one of the biggest threat to human existence and a way of life in certain parts of the world.

Isn't that wishful thinking again!