Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Law doesn't mean a thing!

Wrong turn? Police jeep injures horse(Read full story here...)

It seems Humans have forgotten the most important lesson of their very existence - which is that they are animals too! This is true in almost all developing/under-developed countries around the globe.

Here is a good example of this close home. A quick look at the pictures says it all. Here the vehicle driver was not only human(assumed to be of normal health and sane state of mind) but also an law enforcer. How can someone be so careless and above all stupid?

Where are the animal rights activists now? Isn't this something they need to take up and ensure these kind of mistakes are not repeated again! As a measure at least book the errant driver or fine him along with the traffic constable who was party to this crime for allowing this illegal turn. Animal rights activist should not ignore this incident but should have by initiating some kind of action set an precedent for future animal welfare violators (like the one under discussion). But that is wishful thinking...

As of the last update, there was no mention of any case being booked against the driver. Reason? Simple enough, cases such as these are never filed against people with power (read politicians, bureaucrats, law-enforcers) and I repeat never.

If only humans could realize the ultimate truth that they are just part of this ecosystem and by ignoring and not abiding by its rule book will cost them dearly. The laws of nature are real and govern all irrespective how humans feel about themselves and other beings!
Hope we(humans) respect the environment, all other beings and ourselves in equal measure.


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