Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Terror + ADD = India

India has always been an peace loving nation which is evident looking at its history. In other words, it has never invaded any country for occupation, but that has not deterred invaders from invading and occupying India. Over numerous centuries India has enticed it's invaders with its offering - spices & precious stones among others.

Despite being occupied for centuries by foreign invaders, India has never looked at violence/armed resistance as a sustainable solution. But this has also developed an nation full of overly tolerant set of people who are immune to the tendency of natural forces of resistance. Putting up with whatever situation seems to come naturally to it foreign invaders or corruption around them!

Reflecting on the past few decades, the numerous periodic terror attacks in India, is an apt reflection of callous inept governance, inadequate and ill-managed security measures to check such re-occurrences and the indifferent attitudes of the ruling govt in ensuring such dastardly attacks don't repeat. The case in discussion is the recent Hyderabad bomb attack (Read article here) which is a grim reminder of the dangers of misplaced fanatic religious sentiments prevailing in India. India has bore the brunt of numerous violent attacks on its soil which are mostly either sponsored or fanned from across the border by Pakistan. This in no way lets our internal security apparatus off the hook for not being able to sense or prevent such events. While the entire country has moved on to other "important" stories, thanks to the nation's watch dog @ media houses; we've once again proven to be a nation severely affected by ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder).

Terror + ADD = India

Isn't it an potent concoction for any nation, let alone India, to have ADD when Terror is concerned! We as a nation need to stand up for our rights and demand a decent & humane living.

Are we ready to demand answers from our leaders, who are elected by us to safe guard our interests and most importantly our lives?

Time to set our demands straight and push for answers. Electoral reforms is one of the key and most important tool which we can make use of. I'll soon be posting my take on this...stayed tuned!