Monday, November 2, 2009

Hilliary talks sense with Pakistan!

"I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they(Al-Qaida & Bin Laden) are and couldn’t get them if they really wanted to." - Hillary Clinton (Read full story here...)

US couldn't bottle the pent up emotions anymore and an outburst was waiting to happen, as was evident here by the Secretary of State (SoS). This should have woken up the masses of Pakistan from their deep slumber to recognize the fact that there is nothing called free lunch anymore with US anymore. This outburst brings out in the open - the uneasy & messy affair between these strange bed-partners (US & Pakistan). US has been pouring billions of dollars into Pakistan, who on their part claimed to be their so-called ally in WOT (War on Terrorism). It is an open secret that the FOT(Factories of Terror) are very much based and operated from in the soils of Pakistan which was (and is) time-and-time-again published in reams of various US security reports! Pakistan has systematically fooled US into funneling huge sums of funding as part of its aid against WOT program. But I fail to understand, how do you explain the foolish act of countless US congressmen overlooking this basis principle that money can't buy an rogue's allegiance and neither can it revive an fallen state like Pakistan! It is an open secret that money cannot buy peace, especially while dealing with these kind of fanatics who make-up the very essence of Al-Qaida and its allies.

I totally agree with the outburst of the SoS as its time for US to ask the right questions and make Pakistan accountable for the billions of US tax dollars paid to them in terms of military & civilian aids. Pakistan can't expect to live on this aid and continue its double crossed agenda of siding with the fanatic elements of the likes of Al-Qaida. Pakistan as a country has no decent revenue generation mechanism (apart from fight against terrorism aid - FATA) since all/most of its industries are almost non-existent. It is time they create job prospects for their citizens and ensure eduction, employment and good standards of living for them. These kind of pro-active measures are the only viable and long lasting solutions that can set in a new wave of reforms they need thereby controlling their growing dependence on Terror for aids!

I wish US acknowledges the basic fact that to bring peace & stability in the South-Asia region it can and should rely on India as its ally. Also with (Af-Pak) Pakistan & Afghanistan being no more than rogue states and
the new wave of trade treaties & pacts being signed up between US & India; it is only sensible for US to side with India and forge an alliance thereby ensuring stability, peace and prosperity in this region for the years to come.


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