Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kasab - the 26/11 terrorist plays to Indian audience

Kasab's trial goes on and he is not dead yet!(Read full story here...)

Pakistani gunman Ajmal Amir Kasab @ Kasab the lone surviving terrorist of the 26/11 brutal assault on India's financial capital - Mumbai is in news again! Enough evidences have cemented Kasab's nationality & his involvement in the bloody 26/11 attack in which hundreds of innocent Indians along with other foreign nationals were massacred. It seems having put Kasab through trial to establish these facts is not enough for the Indian govt. The judiciary is now planing to play a dirty & dangerous game of It is not over yet...

In one of the most recent statements to the court, Kasab has accepted all his doings & has pleaded to be
awarded aptly - capital punishment.The drama created by attention seeking mindless media who are in business not for real journalism but to make heads turn with their sensational piece of dirty & filthy minds are discussing on lengths of how Kasab might be misleading the Indian populous(read law makers, enforcers & followers) with his recent plea for death. There are now different school of thought churning out new & weird ideas & discussions about how Kasab is smarter than we assume & how capable he is of playing mind games with the Indian masses.

On the other hand, govt lawyers & police are not
satisfied with Kasab's confession because they want him to confess to the entire story/version as per the police records. Now I beg to ask this Q - "
What on earth are you going to prove with all these confessions and B...S... statements?" Isn't capital punishment the ultimate reward for his misadventure apt? Having established his involvement(which shouldn't have taken so long in the first place), shouldn't he be dragged along the by lanes of Mumbai after being decapitated & then shot in full public view? I know this sounds like a piece of Taliban's way of justice, but this would etch fear in the minds of wannabe trouble makers & terrorists and also give out an stern warning to the entire terrorism community who might think India is an easy & soft target. India has for long bore the brunt of numerous terrorist attacks & I think its time we start acting(reactive & in proactive manner) to these threats & take actions to mitigate them once and for all.

But that was wishful thinking, I'm sure as I see, this drama is going to carry on for few more years to come & Kasab will live long enough to mock the Indian judiciary & he might die with an sarcastic smile on his face having made a buffoon of the Indians again!!!

Afzal Guru the key conspirator in the
Indian Parliament attack is one fine
living example of this - but then that is a different story all together, which I might write about in some time to come.


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  1. Rightly said.....Recently i saw the movie 'A Wednesday' where a common man takes the reins of law in his hands....& gives full & final justice to the terrorists in the movie. It gratified my senses to see them being blown into small pieces....becoz i have lost my trust on our justice system in real at least in reel life i wanted to take the pleasure of giving myself the delight of watching these scumbags pay for their heinous crimes.
    According to me, such lunatics should be fed to hungry crocodiles or hyenas for that matter in full public view & there should be special invitation given to the people who have directly been affected becoz of such crimes...only then would it calm their senses....for what they have lost....

    "In Saudi Arabia, you could get flossed for not wearing the top most button in your shirt...and here I'm taking about men....but in India the terrorists who commit despicable crimes go scotfree" ......are we for real guyz ???