Friday, January 8, 2010

700 Jihadis waiting to strike in J&K!

Around 700 Jihadis waiting to strike in J&K!(Read full story here...)

Post the Lal Chowk terror attack, Indian security intelligence has credible information about an possible attack(s). This doesn't come as a surprise since it has been Pakistan's systematic scheme to destabilize J&K in the name of so-called Azad Kashmir movement. Having occupied major part of northern Kashmir, now officially referred to as POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) they want to extract Kashmir from India's control and make it one of their own. Pakistan's ideology stems from their anger & frustration over India's role in splitting Pakistan into two(Bangladesh being the other half).

Having said that I fail to understand why the Indian security agencies and the ruling govt. are not able(read willing)  to decipher this basic design. Shouldn't we as a formidable country look into our security arrangements both pro-actively and/or reactively? India's weak kneed response to this ever growing terrorism from across the border is boosting the ego of the master chefs who are busy dishing over different flavors of it.

The media on the other hand is not strong willed to question the govt. and its policies. Even if they did question(which was only to garner mileage in terms of sales)  they didn't never follow up on the course of action or inaction by the authorities to mitigate these issues.

Hope these kind of passive & reactive mentality is shunned by the govt. and the media, some concrete measures are taken to address this issue....but thats wishful thinking...again!!!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Real estate prices on Steroids!

Cheaper to buy in Bhurj Khalifa than India(Read full story here...)

Real estate is no longer real in India. India has always been on the forefront when it comes to making heads turn. It is at it again...this time its real estate for a change. With the world economies trying to stand up on their weak & wobbly knees (due to after effects of the recent financial meltdown) India on the other hand is soaring to new heights, mocking the sensibilities of number crunchers - economists ;).

The real estate prices are sky rocketing in India and this news article says it all. Indians specially those staying in cities like Mumbai & Delhi are paying a premium. I know this is not news any more, but what baffles me is the fact how can any sensible person in their right senses pay such a premium provided there are no proper(read appropriate) infrastructure or facilities built/provided to support and hence justify these kind of sums charged! The prices of Bhurj Khafila makes sense for the fact that the infrastructure in and around this place is well developed.

Hope the investors\residents shelling out this kind of head-spinning amount ask the right questions and push the developers to be answerable for providing enough(read appropriate) infrastructure rather than play into their hands and be part of this fleecing game. Anybody want to second that?

One of the thought that keeps lingering in my mind is "Does Indians really have these kind of money or is it Black money talking?"

Concluding all I understand is that 'Real estate prices are no more real any more!'


Monday, January 4, 2010

India readying to destroy enemy satellites

India readying weapon to destroy enemy satellites(Read full story here...)

Yahoo News reports this very sensitive information on its homepage. Good way to break an sensitive news relating to the security developments of our country. I doubt this is right way for an ever developing (and want-to-be-superpower) nation to deal with an important topic like the nation's security details! But this doesn't matter Indians and hence India is known to throw up surprises from the least expected quarters.

Being proud and boasting of building an missile (read determinant weapons system) is one thing, but that shouldn't come at the cost of the undermining national security. Leaking these kind of security related information has its own downside and issues to deal with.

Let us remind ourselves or what our capabilities are. We are a nation which is one of the biggest spenders on national security next only to developed countries like US, UK, China, etc. But our indigenous weapon building program falls well below the expected level give the size and skills of our country. We are a country which spends a king's share of the allocated budget on procuring weapons from countries like US, Russia, UK, Israel, etc to name a few. These suppliers on the other hand are spending billions of dollars on R&D facilities to come up with new & improved machines to have an advantage both mechanically and technologically, thereby gaining an upper hand in the art of warfare.

If India really needs something to boast about(in this domain), then they better start developing indigenous technology and tapping the local potential. The potential is to come up with good products and scoop customers with that.

Retracing back to topic of this post, boasting of new project undertakings specifically the ones pertaining to national security shouldn't be discussed in the public domain until it successful. I'm not advocating unaccountability for all the govt./pvt agencies involved, but rather the notion is to get these sensitive projects worked on under wraps to avoid possible security breaches, both - unintentionally and deliberately (by subversive anti-national forces). 

Let us talk less and do more (work)...for actions speaks louder than words.