Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Madness at Azad Maidan

On Saturday 11th Aug 2012 a "protest rally" was called in Mumbai by 5 Sunni Muslim groups to protest against the attacks on their community in Assam & Myanmar. What ensued was (as I call it) "Madness at Azad Maidan". This mob went on rampage, leaving 2 persons dead and 63 injured, 58 of those being policemen. This was not before damaging & torching scores of police, media & general public vehicles thereby mounting losses to the tune of millions of rupees.

Under the garb of protest, anti-nationals had a field day. Amar Jawan memorial was vandalized by "terrorist" (as I refer them) - 2 of those in particular who are yet to be traced. Independent Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar also announced a reward of 5Lakh to anyone leading to the arrest of these terrorists.

Raza Academy - a pro-radical Muslim group, one of the organizer of this protest rally, has been in the news for all the wrong news and has a dubious record to boast of, if any.
report had allegedly warned Mumbai police of possible “law-and-order problems”, indicating that the govt was clearly caught sleeping on it; which they are now trying to cover-up by pointing fingers in all directions expect owning responsibility of their in-actions on the intel received beforehand.

There are reports of few Muslim "hooligans", who were involved in this mindless violence, of being advised by their advocates to surrender after following their EID celebrations. These are the very hooligans who indulge in violence and then hide under the veil of their religion! How can they be termed religious when they indulge in violence right after their 'prayers'. Is this what their religion preach them? I'm baffled at the blatant disregard for the laws of the land,  destruction to public property and most importantly the physical assault of law-enforcers.
Drawing my conclusion from one of the reports published the other day, the perpetrator of this crime wanted to, by design, polarize the opinions of Mumbaikars & Indians in general.
The other notable side-effect being, political leaders wanting to milk this situation for their political advantage. Take the instance of MNS leader Raj Thackeray, who in a recent rally at Azad Maidan alleged the involvement of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in this violence. He also demanded Home minister R R Patil and Mumbai police commissioner Arup Patnaik to step down from their respective govt positions owning responsibility for their failure in ensuring law-and-order in the city. This demand was of course swiftly dealt with an counter-offence from the govt.

STOP! Are we brain dead?
Are we ready to be side-winked & brain-washed by the usually empty, useless & opinionated speeches of these so-called "local" leaders or are we mature enough to see through their personal/politically colored designs? It is time for us to rise up to this challenge and start asking simple-yet-straight questions like these to our local "leaders".

For once, let us make our own decisions rather than the local "leader" dumping their so-called well-thought decisions onto us. Let us not be swayed away by the deafening echos & blurry hues of this mindless political madness.


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  1. situation will only improve when anti-nationals are dealt with iron fist... a sense of fear needs to be created inside these terrorists before they think of perpetrating such heinous crimes...