Sunday, August 26, 2012

26/11 - Don't Forget. Don't Forgive!

It is almost 4 years to this day, when the in-famous attack on Mumbai took place, when on the fateful evening of 28-Nov2008, 10 Pakistan-trained LeT terrorist held the city to ransom. This audacious attack claimed 164 innocent lives and left more than 308 injured. (Source: Wiki). It reiterated some glaring issues faced by us...intelligence failure , total mockery of our preparedness for such an eventuality, the absence of trained force and equally absent tools @ weaponisation & modernisation to deal with such an event, lack of political will to tackle and/or root out this evil. Mumbai - India's financial capital has borne these kinds of systemic attacks time-and-again in a timely & repetitive manner to such an extent that, as per me, people of Mumbai have come to accept of it as their way of living!!

Where we are today:
Post spending a fortunate worth of money conducting(or "orcehstrating" as I would like to call it) numerous trials, scores of evidences amassed and several procedures later what we are left with is an impotent system unable to deliver justice and uphold the laws of the land! With the total lack of intent to deliver any meaningful judgement on the lines of well-being of fellow countrymen which has now come to be a norm & characteristic of this spineless ruling govt. Despite having tons of "evidence" to prove the involvement of Pakistan and the lone surviving Ajmal Kasab, this govt is dilly-dallying and tip-toeing on this matter, thereby delaying much needed justice & closure to this case. In fact India is on its knee begging Pakistan to accept responsibility for this attack, as if that would do in any way bring closure to the countless sorrows that are forever etched in the minds and lives of the victims & survivors! What a Sham are they running!!!

Don't Forget. Don't Forgive!
I would implore my fellow countrymen to not forget this act of terror and war which is being enforced on us. The main conspirators are definitely those siting across the border - Pakistani masterminds. But let us also not discount the ones on our side of the border. Let us not forgive the law enablers - bureaucrats, law enforcers and most important of all GoI (Govt of India). Coz these are the very people who have been entrusted for safeguarding us - the people & resources of our nation. But their actions or more appropriately inactions act as "catalyst" for these cross border enemy of state who are always ready to wage war by inciting religious intolerance & violence, exporting radical Islam, destroying Indian economy by injecting fake currency notes among others.

Let us all resolve to the following:
Don't Forget (the umpteen terrorist attacks), Don't Forgive (Corrupt politicians)!
Hope by this resolve we are able to channelise our energies to act as "enablers" for a better India and most importantly for a better future for all of us.


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  1. rightly said.... our media is also to be condemned for their share of handling this whole ordeal... they were more interested in increasing their TRP's than bother about the possible security issues which could have resulted by their entire coverage of the black cat operation !!! this is again a serious question for the Govt. as to how they permitted this in the first place ???