Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Running for Charity

Hello friends,
I write today to you to take a small step to make a big difference. Interested? Read on…

What is this?
I’ve registered to participate in TCS Bangalore Marathon scheduled for 27th May 2012.
I’ve planned to compete in the Open 10K Category - my maiden attempt at this.

Why am I sharing all this information and how does it concern you?
If I read your mind correctly, that question just popped up in your head?
If yes, then let me answer it for you.
By embarking on this “self-test”, if I may say so, I also plan to raise awareness and more importantly funds for the below mentioned causes(2 of the many) which I’ve been supporting for some time now.

You can visit their website or alternatively, if you want to verify my claims, can directly reach out to the respective contact person (mentioned in the CC list).
PAWS à Animal welfare à http://pawsasia.wordpress.com/ à Mr. Nilesh Bhanage
Askhaya Trust à Care for helpless & destitute à http://www.akshayatrust.org/ à Mr. Narayanan Krishnan

How can I make a difference?
You can make a big difference, by opening your heart and most importantly loosening up your purse strings to donate for these good cause(s) J
P.S: Donation amount greater than 100 INR will be eligible for donation receipt.

Complete Transparency
I’ve shared a Google spreadsheet online (click here) to capture donor details like donor name to be printed on donation receipt, donation amount, apartment name so that you are aware of what is happening.
You’ll find few legit entries to indicate how it should be done.
P.S: I’ll be turning off the shared access soon, so please don’t delay and make your commitment for these wonderful causes.

Apologize for the verbose mail, but since this is one thing I wanted to explain in an elaborate manner hoping not to miss anything.
Hope I’ve answered most of your (basic) queries. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Thanks in advance.Feel free to forward this mail to your contacts so that I can garner the fullest possible support.

--------------UPDATED on 22nd May 2012 ------------------
Hello friends,
With less than 5 days to go, I’m sending out this humble reminder for you to help me raise much required funds for these charities.

I've managed to ‘motivate’ my friend & colleague Sathya(who is also training alongside me) to participate in this run. Thanks Sathya!

I've collected my BIB and running goodies bag on 18th May 2012 and all set for the D-day J

I’m sharing my Prep Log in case you want to see my training log.
Though it might not seem as impressive as some of you would’ve wanted it to be, but I’m gaining confidence as I prepare.

Funds raised:
A disappointingly meager 3,000/= L (Click here for details )

How can you make a difference?
You can make a big difference, by opening your heart and most importantly loosening up your purse strings to donate for these good cause(s) J
P.S: Donation amount greater than 100 INR will be eligible for donation receipt.

Counting on YOU to help me make this event a Success!
--------------UPDATED on 28th May 2012 ------------------

Good day Friends!
Finally having successfully competed & completed this event, I can want to Thank all my donors for being part of this event in their own ‘valuable’ way.
I managed to raise a total of 5000/= for the charities.
Thanks to YOU. With people like you being part of my network I can with certain pride say, life is never short of good people like YOU. You make me proud.

With this event & the fund raising activity, I wanted to get to your attention these wonderful people doing such a great job through their respective charities. I urge you(one more time) to visit their website regularly whenever you wish to donate in kind/cash or volunteer.

Special Thanks to Sathya (my friend & ‘partner-in-crime’ – for keeping my hopes afloat) for these wonderful words. You truly rock and were a solid inspiration yourself. Proud to be with you and before I forget Congrats mate!

Here are my race details, in case you wondering how I fared ;)
Total time taken: 58:25
Category: Open 10K
Category Rank: 649 (bagged a Nike Finisher T-Shirt - prize for the 1st 1500 finishing runners in my category)
Gender Rank: 939
Overall Rank: 961

Thanks all for spending you valuable time.

On a parting note, consider this is as a beginning to a wonderful journey ahead.
Take Care & God Bless!

Jai Hind!
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