Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Internet running out of addresses & our dependence on it

For the layman, internet was(and is) always an invincible ever growing mechanism...which in a loose way is true, so to speak. But I'm sure this news was a kick-in-the-head for many geeks. No one ever imagined that we would come to a time when internet would run of addresses!(Read full story here...) It is happening now and this burnout (of internet addresses) is in many ways faster than the melting snow caps of Antarctic!

This goes on to say how internet has touched and changed our lives. In the late 70s or early 80s no one could have predicted this kind of unprecedented impact of computers let alone the internet on our lives. But as we evolved, so did our(ever) growing hunger for knowledge. In all facets of life science & technology are shaping the way we look at life. Our very survival is now slowly and surely being etched by the very success of new technological break through taking place all around us. Going forward our lives will be hard wired on the very survival of these technologies and internet will form the backbone of this very mechanism.

Our evolution and hunger for knowledge has surged way ahead of our means. There would come a time when the good ol' days will be sorely missed and technology will have to pause its relentless march to accommodate our good old ways of healthy living.

But having said that, I'm surely not trying to undermine the various milestones reached due to the success of technologies like the internet. To counter this shortfall of internet addresses due to the use of IPv4 mechanism the best way forward would be is to move to an IPv6 address mechanism. Addressing this problem will take sometime for sure but then I'm sure the realization has set in and some corrective actions will be taken to remedy this situation.

Zooming away from technology and looking at the broader canvas of life, taking into consideration the very reason & need of why technology came into existence was to address and make our lives easy & fuller so to speak. Looking back are we in a position to agree to that or do we agree to disagree? There definitely needs to be an balance of aid from technology and human needs. But isn't this wishful thinking?


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