Friday, January 8, 2010

700 Jihadis waiting to strike in J&K!

Around 700 Jihadis waiting to strike in J&K!(Read full story here...)

Post the Lal Chowk terror attack, Indian security intelligence has credible information about an possible attack(s). This doesn't come as a surprise since it has been Pakistan's systematic scheme to destabilize J&K in the name of so-called Azad Kashmir movement. Having occupied major part of northern Kashmir, now officially referred to as POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) they want to extract Kashmir from India's control and make it one of their own. Pakistan's ideology stems from their anger & frustration over India's role in splitting Pakistan into two(Bangladesh being the other half).

Having said that I fail to understand why the Indian security agencies and the ruling govt. are not able(read willing)  to decipher this basic design. Shouldn't we as a formidable country look into our security arrangements both pro-actively and/or reactively? India's weak kneed response to this ever growing terrorism from across the border is boosting the ego of the master chefs who are busy dishing over different flavors of it.

The media on the other hand is not strong willed to question the govt. and its policies. Even if they did question(which was only to garner mileage in terms of sales)  they didn't never follow up on the course of action or inaction by the authorities to mitigate these issues.

Hope these kind of passive & reactive mentality is shunned by the govt. and the media, some concrete measures are taken to address this issue....but thats wishful thinking...again!!!


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  1. donno when we are goin to wake up from sleep and protect our territory as any responsible country does.......already we have lost our head....China is munching on one side....if it continues like this....our future generation will not be given birth on Indian soil....