Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No Smoking!

Tobacco consumption in one form or other has always been cited as the major cause of Cancer. Cancer @ (the Big) C - is one of the most potent reasons for tobacco related deaths across the globe. Yet of all the means of tobacco consumption, Smoking has time and again been the most visible & hated!

Did you know?
* For every smoker there are 40 non-smokers who are affected!
* Secondary smoke is more dangerous than primary smoke...meaning indirectly you are the agent of death of many innocent lives!
* Every cigarette stick takes away 5 mins of your wonderful life.
* Recently  researchers also attribute smoking as an possible reason for reproductive disorders(Ouch! A classic below the belt hit).
* $9.94B is spends annually on advertisements and promos...that is $27M per day! (P.S: I find that figure ridiculously huge to be wasted in this manner...but then that is just me talking). A figure like that in perspective should tell a lot about the kind of money there is to be made from this 'madness' if I may.

 Merchants of death!
It is estimated by the year 2018 that figure would have risen to 8 million per year!

So in the interest of everyone's  health, I urge all smokers to refrain from this dreaded habit and to give the above stated facts a well intentional thought before lighting up the next one. But if these facts don't startle you, then please remember that every time you light up next, its akin to sending out a red carpet invitation to Yamaraja!

Sorry to rub it into you, but I don't see it any other way. Hope better sense prevails upon you.

P.S: These facts can be easily verified by doing a quick Google (re)search.


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