Sunday, October 3, 2010

Carbon footprint! That ain't mean nothing to me

Let me start point blank about Global Warming (GW) - lot has been said, made and felt but very little done to correct it. Loads of issues need to be addressed in this regard. Carbon Credits were proposed as a last ditched half-hearted effort to salvage our positions, which by the way if you've been following closely has turned into another tool of extortion(read business/trading) used by the developed countries to trade with developing countries like India.

Hmm...a heavy start! Continuing with my topic, developed countries have imposed the developing countries with seriously challenging tasks of reducing their carbon footprint to avail trade benefits. These tasks are almost impossible & stifling to say the least for a growing economy & country like ours. Having said that India's resolve to reduce Carbon (denoted by symbol C) emission is unquestionable(if not undoubted). But the monster that it is - GW - is no Gothic fiction or some weird scientist's experience gone hay-wire. It is something that has far reaching ramifications for the rash & unmindful ways of our human endeavors. The implications of these being irreversible(if not unstoppable) in nature. So the problem is you, me & others like us who have mindlessly used up(almost) all the natural resources.

Yes you read that right. Let me say that again, "The problem is you, me and others like us!" But here is the best part; the solution is also you, me & others like us! Now that is some solace and a pleasant surprise to all of us. Isn't it? But the important & most uncomfortable question now is, "Are we prepared to be part of the solution or are we going to wait for somebody to do something while this mindless catastrophic destruction continues?" I guess I can vouch for all those with their heads & hearts in the right place that we are ready(though not sure how) to be part of the solution and usher the change that we want to see happen.

Here is something to chew on:
  • 3/4th of India's Petroleum quota are imported!
  • Govt spends Rs. 7000 Crores/year on fuel imports!
  • 1 tree on an average absorbs 1 ton CO2 in its 100 yr lifespan!
  • To produce 4 plastic bags 1 kg CO2 is spit into the atmosphere!
  • Mumbai uses 10 Mn plastic bags/day.i.e.,equivalent to 2500 tons of CO2/day!
  • Green house gas - Methane - traps 20 times more heat than CO2!
  • Bangalore produces 50 ton waste/day!
Counter facts & figures on how we can go around doing our bit to save Planet Earth & ourselves:
  • India is the 5th largest user of Solar energy!
  • Indian govt. has 35000 area ear-marked in North-West region to harness solar energy!
  • Karnataka state govt is contemplating ban on incandescent bulbs to use CFL bulbs for lighting purposes!
  • Indian govt has pledged to bring down their Carbon footprint further by looking at alternate energy sources like Wind Power to supplement its ever growing energy needs!
  • Every Indian can save 2% fuel by driving @ 50 KMPH and switching off your engines at signals.I'll leave the number crunching to you on your savings!
  • Decrease your C footprint by 11% by using CFL bulbs, unplugging mobile/any electrical appliances when they are not in use!
  • By switching 10 incandescent lamps to CFL bulbs you save 3000/year on your electricity bills!
  • Segregate dry & wet waste. Wet waste can further be converted to composite which can then be used in your gardens as an organic way of recycling. This would further decrease your C footprint by 4%/year!
  • You can save substantial amount of water by not washing car with a hose pipe, having running tap while brushing and fixing leaky taps!
  • Explore ways of car(and bike) pooling!
  • Look at alternate powered vehicles(Electric and Hybrid vehicles have already hit Indian shores)! It is up to us as consumers to jump on the bandwagon.
  • We can move away from conventional power and setup solar/wind powered solutions for our household needs thereby taking a substantial cut in our electricity bills and also end up easing the burden on the national electricity grid!
These are some of the few things you can do to help & save yourself as well as the present and future generations to come.
One small step will have huge impact in turning things around provided we are ready to take the first step.

On a parting note few lines which keep me going:
  • Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • Together we Can and we Will make a difference.
  • Nothing is impossible.
The only question is, are you game for it? Stop, Think, Contemplate but act Fast!


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